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AZ Oudenaarde

A new look at the General Hospital

The project includes the construction and expansion of the Algemeen Ziekenhuis (General Hospital) in Oudenaarde. The works strive for a better comfort and service for the patients.

A rich synergy between renovation and new estate

STRABAG Belgium nv is responsable for the closed carcass of this new construction and renovation project. The order also includes the finishing, techniques and fixed furnishings. 576 m3 of concrete and 124 200 kg of steal were used during the realization of the project.

The project is split up in two parts: a renovation and a new estate part. The new estate comprises a new cafeteria of 330 m2. The cafeteria has a foundation with tubed screw piles so that it can be extended with new floors in the future. This new estate also includes a modern technical room of 580 m2 on the 3rd floor. The floors under the technical room remained operational during the demolition of the intermediate floor and the roof. This technical room is built using a structure of steal and finished with aluminium indoor and outdoor boxes. A new connecting building of 3 x 550 m2 will arise in between buildings C and D.

The renovation part exists out of the renovation of block A and includes the renovations of a few floors (3 x 1100 m2 and 1 x 500 m2). The existing stairs will be replaced by a prefabricated stairs and a renovation of (2 x 850 m2) will be realized in building C. The renovation of the social welfare (OCMW) into hospital divisions will take place in building D (3 x 550 m2).

Client: AZ Oudenaarde vzw
Location: Oudenaarde
Architect: BOECKX Architecture & Engineering
Drawing office: SCES
Construction period: 09/2012 - 12/2013

© BOECKX Architecture & Engineering


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